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How do you take pictures with kaleidoscopes? I don’t, really. The images in the gallery and elsewhere on this site were my digital photos that were manipulated in a graphics program. Since the effect is very similar to looking through a kaleidoscope, I call them “kaleidoscope photos.”

Before and After
roll your mouse over the image above to see the “before” photo

Do you only use black mats for the prints? No, some prints are available with a white mat, but most are matted in black. Contact me if you want to get your print matted in a different color other than is listed, I may be able to accommodate your needs.

Why don’t the colors on the webpage match the colors of the print? It looked more ___ online! The graphics on this site are the same images that I use to make the prints, but lower resolution. All monitors are different, but I do try to keep the colors true.

I really like X print, but I don’t want to pay for a limited edition. Can’t you just open the edition? No, that would unfair and dishonest to people who bought a limited edition in good faith.

I really like X print, but you’ve sold out of the limited editions. Can’t you just print one more? No, see above.

Why are your autism prints so limited?
They are very limited editions because I wanted something really special and exclusive, in part to lend a sense of urgency to a very important cause. My daughter is autistic, and I wanted to do something to call attention to the specialness of people on the spectrum.

Where can I see your work in person?
I do various art shows as time and schedules allow. Those events will be posted on the Home page, and also on the Shattered Photos/Wandering Wisdom Studio Facebook page.

Wendy in front of Wise Women in October 2010 for the Grand Opening
Photo ©2010 Marc Whipple

All photos and kaleidoscope images are ©2004-2016 Wendy A. B. Whipple. All Rights Reserved.
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