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The Artist

I have loved photography since my first Kodak Instamatic 110. In college, I learned to love computers. I’m happy to share with you these twin passions of photography and computers, offering these “kaleidoscoped” images, the Shattered Photos. I am also the author of Creating an Heirloom: Writing Your Family’s Cookbook, my first book, guiding you through the process of compiling a family cookbook (now in a revised edition). If you visit, you will find some of my projects besides photography (like hats; many, many hats).

As a landlocked Midwestern native, I am inspired by travel. Roadtrips are absolutely a thing when you grow up in the middle of nowhere, so getting in the car and driving somewhere new is exciting. Pulling off the road to take a photo is an occupational hazard. I feel fortunate that I have left behind pieces of my soul in different places of the world, it’s an ache I would gladly repeat over and over again, given the opportunity.

~ Artist’s Statement ~

By “shattering” a photo, it becomes abstracted from something common into something extraordinary. By taking a small part of a photo, I give you new things to see in the patterns made by its repetition.

All photos and kaleidoscope images are ©2004-2019 W. A. Whipple. All Rights Reserved.
Any use without the express written permission of the copyright holder is forbidden.