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The most frequently asked question I get is “How much did it cost for you to make yours?” That’s a difficult question to answer, because we were able to take advantage of equipment that my husband had at his office. The supplies we used and replaced cost us around $30. Will it cost you that little? Probably not, unless you already have a comb-binder and buy your paper and ink in bulk.

Here are some other questions I’ve been asked:

Q: What was the average cost per book?
A: For us, about $1/book, but you will probably have higher costs than I had.

Q: How many total cookbooks did you make?
A: 30

Q: What size paper did you use?
A: 8.5 x 11-inch copier/printer paper.

Q: How long did it take you, altogether?
A: From start to finish was about a month and a half, but some days I was in front of my computer for 12 hours or more. I strongly recommend that you budget at least three months’ time for your own family cookbook.

Q: How many people contributed?
A: 19 living people contributed recipes. Including recipes attributed family members who had passed away, 23.

Q: Did everyone respond to your request?
A: Yes. After three years I finally got recipes from my disorganized brother.

Q: How many recipes did each person send?
A: Some only sent 1 or 2, others sent envelopes full. I used every single one.

Q: How many pages was your cookbook?
A: Including the index and everything, 96 pages.

Q: How many recipes are in your cookbook?
A: 260.

Q: Do you plan on making another one?
A: Yes. I had a rough draft on my computer just weeks after I had finished the first one.

Q: What computer program(s) did you use?
A: I used Microsoft Word® for for the layout of the book and Adobe Photoshop® for the graphics. I use a Macintosh® computer exclusively.

Q: Is there a computer program that will do all the layout for me?
A: There are computer programs that are designed to manage recipe collections, that also claim to be able to produce a cookbook from the recipes you input. The major ones that I have seen online are all for Windows®, none for Macs.

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