Why a Cookbook?

Creating an Heirloom: Writing Your Family’s Cookbook contains an extensive bibliography of books and articles. Among them, there were some really outstanding titles I highly recommend. (If you’re interested in purchasing the books, click on the covers to be taken to the website.)

Susan Banker: Scrapbooking with Recipes contains lots of full-color examples for using recipes as the theme of a scrapbook page. Very clever ideas abound in this book.
Joanna Campbell Slan: Scrapbook Storytelling, while not specifically aimed at recipes, does contain lots of tips and tricks that will make a scrapbook more than photos and cute borders.
Katherine Scott Sturdevant: Bringing Your Family History to Life with Social History is a marvelous book, and absolutely essential for a family historian.
–––: Organizing and Preserving Your Heirloom Documents is just as terrific as the author’s first book (above), and just as critical to the family historian’s libray.
Maureen A. Taylor: Preserving Your Family Photographs. If you have a collection of family photos, new or old, this book will help you maintain them.

The titles above are the ones that I most highly recommend. My complete bibliography follows. Please note that a number of the titles are out of print and difficult to find.

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